About Us

Geotech was founded in the year 1985 and the first focus of the company was on marketing and sales of surveying instruments. Gradually the company moved into the following fields of activity. Geotech works with reputable global companies in each of its fields of activity:

•    Natural hazard protection: designing, procurement, execution and supervision of such projects as rockfall protection, stabilizing unstable slopes, avalanche prevention and mitigation of debris flow.

•    Geosynthetics: designing, procurement, and supervision of projects requiring geosynthetic products such as retaining walls and road stabilization

•    Road safety systems: providing road safety and the company offers a large variety of products to make roads more safe: mobile steel barriers, guardrail systems. The range of services include project design, procurement and installation.

•    Noise control: providing noise control systems for variety of applications such as road, railroad, industrial and residential areas

•    Geographic Information Systems (GIS): doing turnkey projects for Iranians clients in sectors such as utilities, telecommunications, water and electricity and municipalities.

•    Marketing and sales of positioning technology instruments in Geotech Mabna company which is a subsidiary of Geotech.

Thus in a nutshell Geotech is a multi-faceted business group mainly focused on engineering products and services.

When it comes to offering solutions, the mission of Geotech is to offer clients “Total System Solution” by consulting to appropriately recognizing client’s needs and designing, procurement, execution and supervision of turnkey projects.

When it comes to products, the mission of the company is to offer the customer the right product as well as to offer high quality training and after-sales support.

•    Implementation of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for certification of quality management system of testing and calibration laboratories


Geotech Company

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