Rockfall protection systems at Tehran-Fasham road

Rock removal, repairs, and maintenance of rockfall protection systems at Tehran-Fasham road (Kamarkhani area) in order to provide a safe road for new year’s trips done from March 2013 to April 2013

Tehran-Fasham road

During January 2013, final delivery of rockfall protection systems in Tehran-Fasham road (Kamarkhani area) after 5 years of performance and hand-over to the client was done.

Performing live test and review of rockfall barrier system performancerockfall

⦁    On 22nd of December 2008, live rockfall test using a boulder with approximate weight of 3.2 tons and released from 45 meters for a 1000 kj barrier was performed.

⦁    The participants at this live rockfall test included deputies to the secretary of road and transportation, deputy of Tehran road and transportation office and his vice deputies, Shemiranat governor, Swiss Ambassador to Iran, Geobrugg company management and analysts, local officials, Oshon Fasham mayor, university professors, and others.

⦁    RXI rockfall barrier was tested and performed well under the most critical test situation for a 4 ton boulder and its performance was approved by local and foreign analysts.

Completion of rockfall protection and slope stabilization systems in Haraz Road (Tizi-AbAli area)

Starting on 24th of December 2011, the rockfall protection and slope stabilization project was completed and approved with presence of Tehran Road & Urban Development Vice Deputy and technical analysts.

Participation at road and urban development exhibition

On 2nd of December, Geotech company was invited to provide a seminar about its capabilities in rockfall protection and slope stabilization projects at Tehran Road & Urban Development booth. This seminar was conducted with presence of Dr. Fariborz Vahedi (deputy to secretary of road & urban development ministry) and his deputies and analysts.

During the seminar, a radio interview was conducted with Economy Station. In this interview, the results of using rockfall protection barriers as a protection measure at Tehran-Fasham road (Kamarkhani area) and Haraz road (TiziAbali area) were discussed with Geotech’s managing director and executive manager.
Geotech received an official letter of appreciation for its efforts in the recent exhibition.



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