Mobile Steel barriers

Mobile Steel barriers

Among mobile barriers there are systems for temporary and for permanent installation. Temporary means, as the name already indicates, that the barrier is installed for a specific purpose for a defined period of time, e.g. for the protection of oncoming traffic, workplaces or work zones. Installation and testing of temporary mobile barriers are regulated in the following standards. Please note that always the latest version of the respective standard has to be applied:

•    „TL - Transportable Safety Devices 97“
•    EN 1317
•    RSA 95
•    ZTV-SA 97

There are two types of mobile steel barriers:

1-    Mini-guard: provides a maximum of safety in areas of work zones on motorways and Roads. A special construction part of the system enables a fast shifting of the pre-mounted elements. During installation and dismantling there is no disruption of the traffic flow.

2-    Vario-Guard: was developed for highest requirements and is known and appreciated for its multifunctional applicability as temporary mobile barrier.


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